ESTD: 1907


  • The Indian Society of Oriental Art had been formed in the year 1907 and it was under its auspices that the work of the school of painting, of which Gaganendranath and his brother Abanindranath may be said to have been the founders, was exhibited to the public.
  • But the Society had fallen upon evil days and it was clear that if it was to serve the purpose for which it existed it must have fresh life breathed into it. It was, therefore, reestablished upon a fresh basis
  • With the aid of Government grant a studio and a lecture hall were secured which provided not only a meeting place for the teachers and pupils of the School, but a focus for the activities of the Society.
  • A series of lectures was planned and the publication of an art journal entitled Rupam was arranged for.
  • With the whole-hearted assistance of Gaganendranath an exhibition of the works of the leading exponents of the School-the Tagore brothers themselves, Nandalal Bose, Asit kumar Halder, Kshitindranath Majumder,Surendranath Kar, Mukul Chandra Dey amongst others was held at Government House, Calcutta in December,1919,at which an address descriptive of the character and aims of the movement was given by O.C. Ganguly who had undertaken the editorship of Rupam and who was himself an artist of great talent associated with the movement.
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