ESTD: 1907



  • Educational and training programme of the Indian society of Oriental Art in accordance with the original objectives is being implemented through its Studio. This studio has been named as "Easel Chisel "recently. This has been functioning as a centre for learning and training in the field of Fine Arts. The studio now called Easel Chisel was set up in 1920 under the direct supervision of Abanindranath Tagore and his elder brother Gaganendranath Tagore. The mission was" to impart the knowledge and practice of Indian Art, to make our people conscious of art heritage, and to make them understand and appreciate the ancient and living tradition of art"
  • The first two teachers of the training Studio were Nandalal Bose and Kshitindranath Mazumder.The Studio produced some great painters like Debiprasad Roy Chowdhury, Mukul De, Lalimohan Sen, Promode Kumar Chatterjee, Chanchal Banerjee, Chaitanya Dev Chatterjii, Prankrishna Pal, Chintamoni Kar etc.
  • Courses

  • Considering the needs of the present generation, Diploma courses for three years have been designed with an application orientation. In addition, a life study course has been designed for students.
  • Heritage and conservation of artifacts are new subjects being included in the Diploma course.
  • Class hours

  • Classes will be held between 12.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. during normal working weekdays. Sunday is weekend holiday. List of Society's holidays will be displayed on the notice board for general information.
  • Examinations

  • There will be grade-determining examinations at the end of each semester. Each semester will be self contained and it will be absolutely necessary to pass in each semester examination to step into the next. Examination will be held in December and June every year. No fee or charge is refundable
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